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Senj is the oldest city in the northern Adriatic founded more than 3000 years ago. It is situated between the sea and the slopes of Kapela and Velebit. The region’s areas of nature heritage preservation are the Velebit Nature Park and National Park Northern Velebit. From year 1449 till 1508 Senj was the home to the first printing house in Croatia, founded by Blaž Baromić, where at least seven editions were printed. The symbol of Senj is the Fort Nehaj built in 1558. Today, Senj is tourism oriented and to its visitors it offers comfortable stay, clear sea, great gastronomy offer and excellent entertainment.


History of printing, book and script, graphic communications and media, graphic design, photography, publishing, prepress, press, postpress, packaging, color management, technology of card production, materials, paper and print durability, quality control, marketing, economy, ecology, other topics related to printing, design and graphic communications.